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يعد برنامج PowerDVD من أفضل برامج مشغلات DVD. هذه النسخة من البرنامج توفر صورة في غاية الواقعية و صورة فيديو محسنة باستخدام أقل الامكانيات من مصادر النظام معه تستطيع مشاهدة افلام على HD DVDs او Blu-ray Discs تجد صورة الافلام كبيرة ولكن بدقة وووضوح لا ولن يصل إلى مستواه اي برنامج اخر .

With support for all media types including video, audio and photographic content, PowerDVD is your all-purpose entertainment station. Enjoy media on PC, mobile devices, home networks, from the cloud, and even social networks. In the NEW PowerDVD 15, enhanced audio-visual quality, extended file format support, improved functionality, refinements to the user interface, and more, enhance a wide range of digital media experiences.

TrueTheater® Color Intelligently analyzes video footage and optimizes hues and vibrancy, creating a true-to-life viewing experience. TrueTheater Color recognizes skin tones in footage and applies only subtle adjustments to these areas in order to achieve improvements while retaining authentic coloring.

TrueTheater® Sound Enjoy a richer, fuller audio environment by enhancing four key audio areas:

- Bass boosting provides a cinema-like sound experience - Vocal range amplification, makes speech crisper and more audible - Reverb engagement creates a virtual surround sound effect - Volume amplification to boost audio performance in environments with high levels of ambient noise such as aircrafts, trains, cars, offices, etc.

TrueTheater Enhancements for the Best Movie Experience - TrueTheater HD - Upscale video to HD quality and beyond - TrueTheater Motion - Up-convert frame-rate for smoother video playback - TrueTheater Lighting - Enhanced image colors and detail - TrueTheater Stretch - Intelligently expand 4:3 video to 16:9 - TrueTheater Stabilizer - Minimize video shakiness - TrueTheater Denoise - Reduce video artifacts

What's new in PowerDVD Ultra 15: - Bit-Perfect Lossless Audio Across More Formats (Improved!) - Rip Audio Directly from Your Favourite Movie Moments (New!) - Go disc free with Blu-ray & DVD ISO playback (New!) - Smoothest Playback of Super High Frame Rate Video (New!) - Personalize Your Player Interface (Improved!) - Start Watching from Where You Left Off (New!) - Stream from Your Personal Cloud (New

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